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#01 - Why Should You Attend Kontent Horizons 2021


In the inaugural episode of the Kontent Rocks podcast, Brian McKeiver is joined by Vojtech Boril, VP Growth & Marketing at Kontent by Kentico. Brian and Vojtech join forces to discuss Kontent Horizons, a virtual event coming in November 2021, that brings CMS industry leaders, Kontent customers, Kontent developers, and Kontent product experts together to discuss the how the most successful companies work with content and what value a headless CMS brings to both developers and marketers.


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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver and Vojtech Boril discuss the following topics in Kontent Rocks podcast episode #01:

  • What is Kontent Horizons?
  • When is the Kontent Horizons virtual event?
  • How to and why attend the Kontent Horizons conference?
  • A cool "behind the scenes" previews from Vojtech.
  • Brian's session on "Why Kontent and Jamstack are primed for .NET and the Enterprise"
  • Future insight into when there might be an in person conference.

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