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#018 - MVC and Kentico 12


In this episode of Kentico Rocks, Brian McKeiver and Bryan Soltis review the state of using ASP.NET MVC in the upcoming release of Kentico 12. Yes, that's right after a small hiatus, we are looking to revive the podcast. This time Brian and Bryan talk about why Kentico MVC is a first class citizen now in 2018, how an agency might start to transition from the legacy Portal Engine to MVC, and behind the scenes in BizStream's journey into MVC development. Listen on to find out how you can start MVC in your own Kentico website development process now.


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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver and Bryan Soltis talk about the following topics in Episode #18:

  • Why Kentico developers should only be using MVC as opposed Portal Engine.
  • The benefits of MVC as a development framework.
  • Kentico 12 beta, roadmap, and product highlights in the MVC (think Page Builder and Widgets).

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