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#02 - The Value of Headless Commerce


In this episode of the Kontent Rocks podcast, Brian McKeiver is joined by Brad Gustavesen and Jon Gibbs of Slatwall Commerce. The three experts join forces to show off an integration between Kontent and Slatwall that showcases how headless content and commerce can work together. From there they discuss why this type of solution is so valuable to organizations.


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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver, Brad Gustavesen, and Jon Gibbs discuss the following topics in Kontent Rocks podcast episode #02:

  • Why headless commerce is useful in a headless world
  • What is Slatwall Commerce
  • Some interesting news about Slatwall and Ultra commerce
  • A cool custom element example for Kontent.

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You can listen to the episode here on this blog post, it is embedded below: