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#021 - Azure Tips for Kentico


In this episode of Kentico Rocks, Brian is joined by a special guest, Jeroen Furst. Jeroen is a .NET specialist and lead engineer at TrueLime, a Dutch company that specializes in enterprise scale webapplications for clients across the globe. Brian and Jeroen spend time in the episode discussing ways to deploy Kentico sites on Microsoft Azure. During the show They cover tips and tricks on how utilize Azure PaaS, Azure Search, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Redis cache with Kentico. Oh and it doesn't hurt that Jeroen is a 9 time Kentico MVP as well.

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In This Episode

Brian and Jeroen talk about the following topics in Episode #21:

  • Using Kentico with Azure App Services.
  • A few tips and tricks for using Azure App Services to improve performance around Azure Blob storage, Azure Redis Cache, Azure Hybrid Connection Manager, and Azure Search.

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