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#023 - Kentico Connections 2019


In this episode of Kentico Rocks I highlight the biggest event of the year in the Kentico world, Kentico Connections. If you are not sure if the Connections event is right for you, not sure on what will be covered at the event, or are on the fence about attending, than this episode is just for you. I also go into a few details about the Kentico EMS Product roadmap, what's coming up for Kentico 2020, and a shout out to MK's Ketchup. 

Lastly, I cover the Kentico Parter Summit agenda at a high level. So if you are a Kentico Partner or Kentico focused business the second half of the episode is a must listen.

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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver, Kentico MVP, talks about the following topics in Episode #23:

  • Kentico Connections 2019 around the world
  • Kentico EMS Product Roadmap Milestone #2 features
  • What's coming in Kentico 2020
  • MK's Ketchup by Michal Kadak
  • Kentico Cloud integrations

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