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#024 - GatsbyJS and Kentico Kontent


Episode 24 of Kentico Rocks features special guests Kyle Mathews, Founder/CEO of Gatsby and the Gatsby open source project, and Ilesh Mistry, Kentico Architect at MMT Digital. I'm very grateful that both Kyle and Ilesh were able to join me to discuss Gatsby, as I am a huge fan of the technology and think that Gatsby and JAMStack in general are the future of where web development is going (especially when you throw in Kentico Kontent to connect your static site to become fully editable). That's why I even presented on it this year at the Detroit Tech Watch.

Our goal for this episode was to let developers out there know why the combination of Kentico Kontent and Gatsby together is such a killer combination (spoiler alert, the performance is amazing). We even talked about a few specific plugins and starter templates to get you started.

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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver, Ilesh Mistry, and Kyle Mathews chat about the following topics in episode #24:

  • Kentico Cloud is now Kentico Kontent
  • What is Gatsby?
  • How Static Site Generators provide a ton of speed and performance
  • How Kentico Kontent connects to Gatsby
  • Ilesh's Blog build using Gatsby and Kontent
  • What are Gatsby plugins like the offline plugin and Gatsby Image
  • Kentico Kontent Responsive Image API

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