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#025 - Recap of Kentico Connection Denver 2019


In this episode our host Brian McKeiver is joined by Michael Kinkaid, CTO of Reason One and Kentico MVP. Brian and Michael recap what just happened in Denver at Kentico Connection 2019. They cover day 1 and day 2 highlights, how the round table and panel conversations went, the fantastic venue of the event, and wrap up with the most important takeaways of the event.

Spoiler alert: It was a pretty amazing event as always.

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Kentico Rocks at Kentico Connection 2019

Kentico's development relations team surprised me a shout out to the Kentico Rocks Podcast at the event as well. Their booth's screen rotating through some Kentico open source projects like publishing content from Kentico EMS to Kentico Kontent, Kentico Cache Doctor, and this very podcast! That was pretty darn cool to see. Thanks to Chris, Rocky, and Ondrej for that.


Kentico Rocks Podcast by Brian McKeiver


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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver and Michael Kinkaid chat about the following topics in episode #25:

  • What happened at Kentico Connection Denver 2019
  • A review of Day 1 and Day 2 from both attendees
  • Michael's session on The Cobbler's Children FINALLY Have New Shoes!
  • Brian's session on The Best of Both Worlds
  • Kentico 2020, aka Kentico Phoenix and .Net Standard / .Net Core support
  • Kentico Kontent's new features and future integrations
  • How the 38th Floor of the venue allowed Michael to have his first experience of seeing something unique

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A Few Fun Moments

Why not include a few fun, interesting, unique, and maybe over the top photos from the event?