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#029 - Can JAMStack Do More?


In this episode of Kentico Rocks, Brian McKeiver interviews Ryan Overton Kentico Kontent developer evangelist. Brian and Ryan cover quickly how JAMStack is continuing to gain steam, but spend more time discussing the question of can JAMStack do other things beside just static websites. Brian then demos a GatsbyJS implementation connected to Kentico Kontent that Team BizStream has been working on that is multi-channel.

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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver chats about the following topics in Kentico Rocks podcast episode #29:

  • Introducing Ryan Overton, Developer Evangelist at Kentico Kontent.
  • A quick intro into JAMStack and GatsbyJS.
  • Brian and Ryan discuss the potential that JAMStack sites have to do much more than just static sites.
  • Brian demo's a Kontent + GatsbjJS multi-channel solution that BizStream is working on. 

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