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#032 - What's New in .Net, Azure Static Web Apps, and Kontent


In this episode of Kentico Rocks, Brian McKeiver discusses what's new in the .Net world post Microsoft Build 2020. He covers a bit about the Build announcements and how to watch them if you missed it, briefly dives into the new Azure Static Web Apps service from Azure, and ends up highlighting what's new in the Kentico Kontent Delivery SDK for .Net developers. Existing .Net developers who utilize Kentico Kontent do not want to miss this episode.

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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver chats about the following topics in Kentico Rocks podcast episode #32:

  • What's New in .Net post Micosoft Build 2020.
  • Blazor WebAssembly
  • Azure Static Web Apps
  • Routing in Azure Static Web Apps
  • Updates to Kontent Delivery SDK .Net
  • Best Practices for .Net Kontent developers

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