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#036 - Why are Enterprises Moving Toward Headless and Kontent


In this episode of Kentico Rocks, Brian McKeiver is joined once again by fellow Kontent MVP Andy Thompson. Andy and Brian discuss the trends that they are both seeing with enterprise organizations moving away from Traditional CMS and to Headless CMS and how Kentico Kontent is ready to serve the enterprise market.

During the episode Brian and Andy give their first hand experience of working with enterprise clients on their Headless CMS journey. They also review how Kontent has some features that really speak to enterprise customers, like the new Audit Log and Collections features. Lastly, they go into some honest concerns and considerations that organizations should have with the Headless approach in general.

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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver and Andy Thompson discuss the following topics in Kentico Rocks podcast episode #36:

  • Why enterprise organizations are moving to Headless CMS and Kentico Kontent.
  • What issues Headless solutions solve for enterprise clients.
  • Kontent's new Audit log
  • Kontent's new enterprise feature Collections
  • Join the next Kontent North American User Group to see Brian speak on Collections in Kontent
  • Microservice approach considerations for the Headless stack (what the gaps are)

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