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2 Under-the-Radar Kentico 8 E-Commerce Improvements


Chances are that you if you are reading this, you have seen that Kentico 8 is right around the corner. Improvements to the Kentico E-commerce solution are also a part of the focus in this major point release. I’m very excited to introduce 2 under-the-radar improvements that you may not have seen yet. These 2 improvements come with the MMP3 build of Kentico 8. Kentico has listened to the community and updated the Shopping Cart engine to be even easier to work with than before. I am very excited about it. Keep reading to see how you can customize the checkout process and mobile experience on your Kentico E-commerce website.


1 Step Checkout Process in Kentico 8 E-Commerce Solution

Below is a screen shot of the new 1 Step Checkout Process in Kentico 8. This is a really slick option. A lot of different people have asked me how hard this would be to pull of in Kentico in the last few years. Before my answer was always, yes it is do-able, but it would take some work. Now it’s pretty much built in!


Kentico 8 E-commerce Solution 1 Step Checkout


How did Kentico pull this off you might ask? Well the answer is they made a gigantic step forward in improving the Shopping Cart web part. As you can see below, no longer is the Shopping Cart web part one gigantic control. Kentico has done all of us Kentico developers a favor by splitting apart the control into multiple web parts and adding transformation support.


Kentico 8 E-commerce Solution 1 Step Checkout Order Summary



Mobile Checkout Process in Kentico 8 E-Commerce Solution

Yes you read this correctly. Hot off of the presses, in the last week days/weeks the team at Kentico snuck in a full Mobile Shopping Cart and Mobile Checkout Process into the sample e-commerce site in Kentico 8. Below are some screen shots showing off the functionality. I really like the way this functions, and think it will be a nice tool to use in our Kentico toolbox as E-commerce developers.



Kentico 8 Mobile Checkout - Add to Cart Kentico 8 Mobile Checkout - Checkout Kentico 8 Mobile Checkout - Checkout Address
Kentico 8 Mobile Checkout - Checkout Method Kentico 8 Mobile Checkout - Checkout Preview Kentico 8 Mobile Checkout - Checkout Finish





By the way, the place that you find these options on the default Kentico 8 E-commerce Solution is towards the bottom of the footer of the example site.  It is right in the middle underneath Other as Mobile Version and 1 Step Checkout.


Kentico 8 E-Commerce Solution Footer


Like I mentioned at the top, these 2 improvements are part of the download of MMP3 and will be fully included in the release build of Kentico 8 on March 31st 2014. I know they got me excited right when I saw them. I can’t wait to place this in the next major e-commerce site that my team and I work on at BizStream to implement. Let me know what you think in the comments to this post.