June 2014 ยป Kentico Rocks Podcast Episode 8
Jun 11

Kentico Rocks Podcast Episode 8


In this episode of Kentico Rocks, Bryan Soltis and I talk about the the recent goings on in the Kentico community. Bryan ventured out to a whole different hemisphere to speak at Kentico Connection Sydney, while I took a 15 min car ride downtown to speak at the local CMS Shootout event. I think I got shorted in the travel aspect of this whole thing...


In this Episode

Bryan and I talk about the following topics in Episode #8:

  • Kentico Connection Sydney 2014
  • Kentico's 10th Birthday
  • CMS Shootout Meetup in Grand Rapids, MI (WordPress vs. Kentico vs. Drupal)
  • What's happening in Praque

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You can listen to the episode here on this blog post, it is embedded below:




You can also listen to the previous episode of Kentico Rocks where we talk about Kentico 8.



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