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Google Chrome Extension for Kentico Developers

Do you ever wish that you had nickel for every time you typed in the letters c-m-s-d-e-s-k ? Well then this Google Chrome extension is for you. Cody Rose, one of our certified Kentico developers at BizStream recently developed a slick little browser extension that allows you to get into any Kentico sites' CMSDesk or CMSSiteManager with one quick keyboard shortcut. That's right all's that you have to do is hit ALT-1 to get to CMSDesk or ALT-2 to get to CMSSiteManager.

Click here to get to the home page of K-Tab the Google Chrome Extension that adds two quick shortcuts to your Google Chrome browser.



The extension itself is quite simple. Hitting either of the keyboard combinations just appends /CMSDesk or /CMSSiteManager to whatever site your current active tab in Google Chrome is. The source code is also available at a bit bucket repository. So if you have any ideas on how the extension can be improved you can leave feedback there, or make a comment on this blog post and I will get it to him.

Nice work Cody!