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I'm Speaking at GLSEC 2017


GLSEC 2017 logoEvery year SoftwareGR puts on the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, known as GLSEC. The conference is dedicated to building and enhancing the software industry in the West Michigan region. The conference brings hundreds of software professionals and business leaders together for a day of learning and networking.

GLSEC 2017 takes place this year on May 22nd, 2017 in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. I have attended this conference multiple times, but am excited to announce that this will be the first time I will be speaking at the event.

GLSEC normally has a specific theme that the conference centers around. Last year it was around Mobile technology, and there were some great sessions held around Native, Responsive, and other soft skills growth. This year the theme is on "Big Data". The goal is to explore how organizations across a variety of industries are collecting and utilizing big data to drive organizational behaviors.


My Session at GLSEC 2017

The full schedule for the event has not been released yet, so I'm not sure exactly what time or what room yet I will be in, but below is my full abstract.


Build a Big Data .Net MVC App in 30 mins

Learn how to create an ASP.Net MVC application that communicates with government based Big Data, or Open Data as it is commonly referred to. In 30 mins we will create a .Net solution that will utilize open source libraries to connect to publicly available API endpoints. With the returned datasets we will generate a quick user interface that includes how to filter, query, map, and aggregate the data. Attendees can expect to leave this session with the knowledge on how to unlock the untapped potential that many government entities provide today.


I'm really excited about the talk, because I feel that Open Data is an underutilized tool of most municipalities. I think it could transform some of the services that are provided to people by making data and resources that are normally just inside of closed government silos broadly accessible and usable by humans and machines alike. Especially when you consider the rise of Machine Learning and Neural networks these days.


Tickets Available for GLSEC 2017

Tickets are available now for the conference, but they will sell out fast. Hopefully I will see you at my session!