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Kentico CMS Performance Tip for Resource Loading at

My co-worker and all around good guy, Adam Reece, has blogged about a slick CSS and JavaScript loading technique on his site at Adam works as a Senior Web Designer and Front End Developer with me at BizStream. He is also a certified Kentico developer. What I am trying to say is that he really knows a ton about designing and building websites, so when Adam speaks we all listen.

The tip itself relates to how a developer can control the order of script and link tags via simple web parts on a page template in Kentico CMS. Selectively controlling the order that CSS and script loads on a page is very important in terms of overall load speed of a page. You dont want your script loading before your style sheets because the browser will block until all of the CSS is loaded. 

His tip goes into how you can dynamically load certain resources that only appear on the master page of your site or just the home page. Just like many other aspects of web development the tip is just one way to accomplish this task. I think it is a pretty decent tip for small to medium sized Kentico CMS sites. 

To read this Kentico tip click on over to: Kentico Performance at