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Dec 31

Top 10 Kentico Related Posts of 2012

The holiday season has provided me with some rare downtime, as a result,  I thought it would be a good time to take a moment and reflect on the past year. 2012 was a very successful year no matter which way you slice it. The year started out with a bang for me personally, as I was named a Kentico MVP for the first time. I was and still am honored at having this distinction. My very own blog here at saw it’s traffic increase by over 25% from 2011, and the number of followers that I have on Twitter increased roughly about the same amount too. But, enough about me, let’s get to the good stuff.

One of the most significant events of 2012 when it comes to Kentico, was the the release of version 7. The 7.0 release focused on optimizing and improving the Kentico CMS Desk user’s and/or developer’s experience. The overall interface is also a bit snappier than other previous releases of Kentico. And of course the release also included a whole host of new features and functionality; On-site Editing, Advanced Workflow, Translation Management, Chat, Banner Management etc. etc..

But without any further ado, below is my list of the Top 10 Kentico Related Posts of 2012 at


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Apr 02

Kentico CMS 6 Runs Smoothly on SQL Server 2012 and Visual Studio 11 Beta

Tonight I was lucky enough to have a few hours of free time between work and family activities.So I decided to take some of the next generation of developer tools from Microsoft for a spin. I downloaded and installed the newest Microsoft SQL Server 2012 release and the Visual Studio 11 Beta release. Once I got past those installers, I fired up the Kentico Installation Manager and installed a fresh Kentico CMS 6.0 instance.

I’m happy to report that everything works flawlessly. The default Kentico CMS solution was effortlessly upgraded to a Visual Studio 11 compatible solution. The web project itself compiled and built just fine. Running the project via the built in web server, as well as, IIS Express worked without a hiccup.

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Mar 25

Build A Content Slider With The Kentico CMS REST Service–Part 2

Now that we are sure our REST Service is working. Let’s setup the example. Create a page in your site named Image Slider or re-use the Home page that you probably already have. You might want a page that has a unique Page Template because we will be adding some web parts to it. Next lets add some images as Attachments to the page. Basically we are going to use the page as the container for the image slider, and the attachements will be the content of each slide in the slider. At the end you should have something that looks like this.

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Mar 25

Build A Content Slider With The Kentico CMS REST Service–Part 1

As I have mentioned before Kentico CMS version 6.0 introduced a ton of new features. One of those new features does not get mentioned enough in my opinion. In this blog post I will try to shed some light and how and why you should be using the new Kentico CMS REST Service. The real world example that we are going to walk through building is a very typical home page element, the venerable content slider or image rotator as it is sometimes called. We will use the REST Service to handle retrieving images from the content tree and populating the content for the content slider.

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Mar 13

Kentico CMS 6.0 Upgrade Quick Tip – Fix Blank Content Areas That Should Not Be Blank

Like I have mentioned before, at BizStream we have done our fair share of upgrades from Kentico CMS 4.x, 5.x, or 5.5 R2 to Kentico CMS 6.0. Along the way we have run into more than a few issues, but overall the process is usually quite smooth. Today I had an interesting problem though. When a newly upgraded site loaded up in the CMSDesk, the main content area was just a blank looking box. It appeared to be in some sort of disabled state. This was something that I had not seen before. Especially since the site was not using workflow nor the versioning system.

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Feb 04

Kentico CMS Blog Migration Complete

It was long overdue, but I finally was able to finish migrating my blog from BlogEngine.Net to Kentico CMS. And as you can tell, not only did I migrate it, Adam Reece was kind enough to do a complete redesign. So thanks a lot Adam!

I actually enjoyed using BlogEngine.Net quite a bit because of it’s slick widget / plug-in capabilities. However, those capabilities can’t compare to the out of the box functionality of Kentico CMS. Plus the previous version of my blog had a theme that really limited what I could do with content. It was tough to fit good screen shots and code samples in the main content area. So it was time to move. 

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Dec 31

Top 5 New Features for Internet Marketers in Kentico CMS 6.0

In this blog post series:

  1. Top 5 New Features for Developers in Kentico CMS 6
  2. Top 5 New Features for Designers in Kentico CMS 6
  3. Top 5 New Features for Content Editors in Kentico CMS 6
  4. Top 5 New Features for Site Administrators in Kentico CMS 6
  5. Top 5 New Features for Internet Marketers in Kentico CMS 6 (this post)

Today we have made it to the last post of the series and will cover what’s new for Internet Marketers. I must admit I am a little behind in finishing this series off, I thought it would be done sooner, but enough with the excuses lets get on with it.

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Dec 03

Kentico CMS 6.0 Upgrade Quick Tip

Lately at BizStream we have been doing more and more upgrades of Kentico CMS 5.5 R2 to Kentico CMS 6.0. During the latest upgrade project we came across a very curious error while using the Kentico CMS Installation Manager.

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Sep 20

Top 5 New Features for Site Administrators in Kentico CMS 6.0

This post continues my series on the new features of Kentico CMS 6.0. Today I am targeting website administrators and Kentico site administrators as one audience. Mostly though it’s the group of people in the trenches, or in our case network closets, normally tasked with installing the occasional SSL certificate or making sure the servers aren’t on fire.

The release of Kentico CMS 6.0 brings some much needed love to this area of installing, maintaining, and monitoring an instance or multiple instances of the Kentico product. Let’s dive in.

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Aug 30

Top 5 New Features for Content Editors in Kentico CMS 6.0

In my last two posts I talked about what should make Developers and Designers happy. With this post I will shift my focus to the actual end users of the product, or what we like to lovingly refer to in the industry as the Content Editors.

In my opinion, it is neck and neck between Developers and Content Editors for when it comes to who will receive the most benefits from the 6.0 update. So lets get right to it.

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