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A New Kentico CMS Podcast Is Born


About two weeks ago fellow Kentico MVP, Bryan Soltis, and I decided to start a podcast focused on Kentico CMS. The idea was formed over a beer, or three, while we were both in Boston for the Kentico Connection conference. Our goal of the new podcast is to talk about Kentico and focus on what is going on with the Kentico development community. In our opinion there is a boom in Kentico projects and opportunities out there recently, and anything that we can do to let more developers know about Kentico and how best to utilzie it is a good thing.

I am also excited about starting up this podcast because it is a new format for me. I have not previously ever attempted to host one. We are still in the process of figuring out if we should throw up the podcast files on iTunes or Windows Store or wherever. Hold tight and we will get a syndication feed up as soon as we figure it out. For now you can subscribe to my blog via email if you want to know when new episodes come out. Just go back to the home page and enter your email address in the side bar under the Stay Up To Date section.


In this Episode

Bryan and I talk about the following topics in Episode #1:

  • What is this podcast and why are we doing it
  • A review of Kentico Connection 2013 Boston
  • We need a name for this thing. If you suggest a name and we chose it we will give you a cool prize.

You can listen to our first episode here on this blog post, it is embedded below: