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Announcing Cloud Power GR

Register for Cloud Power GR on November 9th 2011

I’m proud to announce a free educational technology event November 9th, 2011 in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Cloud Power GR. The event is hosted by BizStream and NVINT, providers of cloud hosted applications and cloud hosting services. The goal is to explain cloud computing in a way everyone from the seasoned IT Director to the typical business person can understand.

Patrick Foley an ISV Architect Evangelist of Microsoft will be doing the introduction and kicking off our event. You can read more on Patrick’s role at Microsoft and involvement in everything cloud.

From there the meat of the morning kicks off. The first major session will have two presentations. The first will be given by Russ Afton, Senior Solutions Architect of NVINT, on how an organization can leverage services based in the cloud.

The second presentation will be given by Patrick McKenney, SeniorCloud Power GR Systems Architect of NVINT. Patrick will be explaining how cloud systems can be used to achieve your goals of lowering IT cost or reducing downtime.

The second session will also be broken out into presentations. Up first will be yours truly. I will be presenting on running your website in the cloud. My talk will center around running Kentico CMS and it’s capabilities of running natively anywhere in the cloud including the Windows Azure platform. I’m very excited to show off the power of Kentico CMS 6.0.

The last presentation of the day will be given by Patrick Gryzan, Senior Solutions Architect on the topic of online collaboration via Microsoft SharePoint 2010, and the benefits of using SharePoint in the cloud.

I should also probably mention that we will be giving away some nice free stuff. So at the very least come join us for a chance to win some cool hardware and software.

For the schedule, location, and full details on the event browse on over to right now, or better yet register for Cloud Power GR right now.