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I'm Speaking at Code PaLOUsa 2019


Code PaLOUsa 2019 I'm speaking once again this coming week at Code PaLOUsa in Louisville, KY. Code PaLOUsa is a multi-day software development conference, located in Louisville, KY, designed to cover all aspects of software development regardless of technology stack. The conference schedule features presentations from many well-known professionals in the software development community.

This will actually be my third time speaking at this conference, and it ranks up there as one of my favorites. The organizers do a great job of planning the conference, and it doesn't hurt that the venue is almost always right in downtown Louisville (where there is a ton to do). I actually have double duty this week as I am speaking on both Thursday and Friday. 


My Sessions

I'm excited to give two talks at CPL 2019:

How to Win Friends and Influence...Better Developer Estimates

Let's face it, creating estimates for tasks is not an exact science. Whether it is points, hours, level of effort, or whatever else the next fad is, it all mostly boils down to what feels like a shot in the dark.

Join my session to find out a few lessons learned, tips, tricks, and strategies for creating accurate and timely estimates on your developer tasks. I'll share my experiences for creating the majority of estimates at my company for the past 17 years. I'd estimate that the amount of estimates I have created is more than 500 or so ...see what I did there?

At the end of the day, if you can create better estimates, than maybe your project managers will end up becoming another one of your long time friends.


Sub 1 Second Loading Websites for Real

It’s 2019, promise me you will stop implementing large monolithic applications that take forever to load and even longer to develop on. The future of the web is JavaScript, APIs, and Markup; known as the JAMstack. See how GatsbyJS, Headless CMS, and GraphQL can help you achieve ludicrous speed.

Sites that take forever and a day to render a web page have horrible consequences to your users and your goals, and don’t just take my word for it. A recent study by Akamai shows that every 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by 7%. That’s because the tech we have been using was architected long ago.

Join my session and I’ll show you how to leverage a Microservice Architecture, the best Static Site Generator out there, Headless CMS, and Microsoft Azure to deliver a static website that can be deployed easily on dozens of services. You will be able to forget about the last decade’s tech problems of complicated deploys, server maintenance, and scaling fears.


Also of note if you are reading this and actually attending this conference. I will be looking for two volunteers from the audience to help me estimate building out a page in .Net Core MVC and Kentico Cloud. If you are brave please help me out!


Join me in Louisville, KY

Well I thought you could join me, but tickets are sold out as of now. Check back next year at: