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I'm Speaking at Dog Food Con 2015


Dog Food Conference is a two day event focused on Microsoft tools and technologies. It is taking place in Columbus, OH on October 7th & 8th 2015. I am pretty excited to be able to speak at the event because the organizers expect to have over 800 developers and technologists attend. There isn't a better audience than that for me to address about some ideas and topics that I am pretty passionate about.


So Why The Name “Dog Food”?

Dog Food Con 15Now if you are like me the first thing you thought about when you read this was, "What the heck is Dog Food Con?". Well they do have an answer for you. “Eating your own dog food” is a phrase that came out of Microsoft in the ’80s. The idea is: If you make products and you expect your customers to buy them, they should be good enough for you to use too. So when you say it like that, I guess it makes sense.


My Session at Dog Fod Con 15

See my session Wednesday October 7th at 3:20 pm. The full abstract for my session is below.

Integrate & Automate Enterprise CMS Deployments

Publishing Content when there are multiple content admins, developers, approvers, and social media authors gets complicated. Now add into the mix the fact that you probably have a dev, test, qa, stage, and production server and complicated becomes not quite the right word to describe the conundrum. Join me to get a better understanding of some options that are out there in today's CMS and code control technologies to make this a bit easier


I am truly excited to be able to speak at the event and I will even be joined by Kentico's technical evangelsit, Bryan Soltis, who will also be speaking on the new Azure Search cloud capabilities. If you are attending Dog Fod Con 15 come say hi!


Update 11/3/15

I have uploaded my deck to Slideshare and embeded the slides below.