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I'm Speaking at GLSEC 2018


GLSEC 2018 logoSoftwareGR is once again hosting its annual software conference, the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, known as GLSEC. Each year the conference is dedicated to building and enhancing the software industry in the West Michigan region. The conference brings hundreds of software professionals and business leaders together for a day of learning and networking. And once again I am happy to announce that I will be speaking for the second time at the event.

GLSEC 2018 takes place this year on April 30th, 2018 in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. This year the theme is on "Data Protection" or how to keep your company's data and systems safe and secure. The goal is help software developers understand the security risks that are always present whenever dealing with potentially sensitive or personal information, and how to create applications and systems that protect against that risk.

As a result of the theme, my session is titled "Doom, Gloom and the New GDPR, What's a Web Developer to do?". If this is the first time you are hearing about GDPR and reside in West Michigan, I fully recommend joining my talk to find out more about this important topic. 


My Session at GLSEC 2018

I'll be talking at 11:15 am in the main event hall. Below is my full abstract.


Doom, Gloom and the New GDPR, What's a Web Developer To Do?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25, 2018. If you haven't heard of GDPR, the summary is that organizations must respect and protect their subject's data at all costs. While this new data privacy regulation originates from Europe, US based companies should reconsider neglecting this on the simple basis of unfamiliarity/geography. Join Brian McKeiver as he explains how this regulation came to be, how it compares to other regulations like HIPPA and PCI in the web world and why GDPR matters to developers and organizations that run enterprise websites. Attendees can expect to learn all of the above plus receive tactics and strategies that help deal with data consent, data portability, the right to be forgotten, and how much responsibility you might have as an agency, or developer, of your customer’s data.


This should be an interesting one, because while the topic is very business and process related, I am on the technical track of the conference. That means I need to make it interesting and informative for developers in the room. My goal is to get through the introduction as fast as I can, and then show a working application that has the ideas implemented.


Tickets Available for GLSEC 2018

Tickets are available now for the conference, but they will sell out fast. Hopefully I will see you at my session!