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I'm Speaking at Kentico Connection Denver 2019


Kentico Connection 2019 logoIn little less than a week from now, October 2nd-4th, Kentico developers, partners, employees, and customers will make the annual pilgrimage the largest Kentico event of the year, Kentico Connection. This year the event is located Denver, CO (again). I'm happy to announce that this will be the 8th time that I am speaking at the conference.

There are a ton of new topics this year, like the re-brand of Kentico Cloud to Kentico Kontent, .Net Standard support in Kentico EMS (and eventually .Net Core), and the rise of #KenticoPhoenix. If you are at all interested in attending Connection to hear about topics like these, I couldn't recommend it more. In fact I recently recorded a podcast episode on why Kentico Connections rocks.

This time I will be giving a session titled the "Best of Both Worlds". That's a pretty brave statement in the context of both Business and Technical worlds. What I really mean here is how do we keep digital and marketing teams happy at the same time as technical teams. I hope to communicate why I feel hitting the best of both worlds is possible.


My Session

I will be presenting the last session on Day 1. My talk covers both the business and the technical track of the conference this year (which I am quite happy about). Below is the abstract.

The Best of Both Worlds

Your digital and marketing teams demand that their websites follow the best possible SEO rules and conventions. Scoring well on Google PageSpeed and ranking high in SERP is what matters most to them. Meanwhile, your development team craves using the latest and greatest front-end technology out there. They would love to be on the bleeding edge. These two team’s goals don’t exactly align. That's because a classic problem with front-end based websites built with JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular, is that they are not always SEO friendly. What is an executive to do?

What if I told you there was a way to make both groups happy, but it’s not going to be easy and will require a sprinkle of new technology, a dash of Kentico, and a pinch of content mastery to get it right. Attend my session to see one approach to building next-generation websites that both marketers and developers love.


See you at Kentico Connection 2019

Tickets for Kentico Connection Denver are still available, but closing soon! if you are a Kentico user I would not miss this conference, it truly is the best one of the year. I can also say that because BizStream will be there in mass, and we would love to talk to any Kentico developers or customers out there. if you see one of us make sure to say hi. I hope to see you there!