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I'm Speaking at Orlando Code Camp 2020


Orland Code Camp 2020 logoI'm happy to announce that I have been selected to speak at the 15th Annual Orlando Code Camp on March 28th, 2020 at Seminole State College. The code camp is a free, one day learning event for programming professionals and students with a focus on .NET and other related technologies. This year the Orlando Code Camp features 80 Sessions, 600 attendees, and multiple tracks on a diverse range of topics. I am happy to be one of the speakers once again (this will be my second time speaking at OCC).

My session for this conference, "Feature Flag Football with Azure App Configuration", has me excited because I think the new .Net Core Feature Management libraries are pretty useful as I had the chance to recently use them in a real world application. 


My Session

At the code camp I will be presenting: Feature Flag Football with Azure App Configuration. The full abrstract is below:

Utilizing Feature Flags is a powerful technique for allowing developers to modify system behavior without changing any code. .Net Core recently introduced a new Feature Management Library that makes implementing feature flags a breeze, ultimately which can standardize feature management in your system.

Azure App Configuration is also a recent Azure offering for configuring a host of variables in your .Net Core application. Basically, App Configuration offers a central place to manage app settings, environment variables, config values, and secrets. The feature also allows updating these configurations at runtime without needing to restart or redeploy an app service.

Imagine these two items being used in conjunction to create a solution where automation rules, deployment risk is reduced, and new features can be introduced into your application very rapidly, but more importantly very safely. It would be like if the New England Patriots wanted to try out a new offense against the lowly Detroit Lions for one week, while not worrying about de-railing their annual trip to the Super Bowl.


Side note: This talk also shows off my learnings so far in Microsoft Blazor, a new technology from the .Net team that has the Microsoft development community buzzing. So far, I think it is pretty good. The application I created in Blazor also connects up to Kentico Kontent to get it's data.  

Side note 2: I think it is pretty funny that I had time to quickly write up this blog post on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, as I mentioned the Super Bowl in the abstract. Maybe that is just me though.


Tickets for Orlando Code Camp

Tickets are not needed for the event because it is a free conference! So if you live in or around Orlando Florida you have no reason not to be there!