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I'm Speaking at Philly.Net Code Camp 2019

Philly.Net Code Camp 2019


On April 13th, 2019 I will be speaking at Philly.Net Code Camp 2019 in Malvern, PA. I am excited about speaking at this event because it will be the first time attending for me, and it sounds like the code camp had quite the turnout last year (700 attendees). This will be the 28th Code Camp over 15 years at Philly.Net. The camp itself is run by a dedicated staff that includes several Microsoft MVPs. I actually have two different sessions selected for the camp. 


My Sessions

My first session will be: Let's Take a Tour of .NET Core: CLI. Abrstract is below:

The .NET Core command-line interface (CLI) allows developers to easily automate and script many tasks in the .NET world. From create new projects in seconds, to automating builds, to setting up better CI with automated testing, and making working with containers possible, this new CLI can almost do it all (especially if you are coming from the full framework world).    


The second session will be: Optimize Your .Net Azure App Services. Again with the following abstract:

Azure App Services are basically the de facto standard as the best possible way to deploy and host a .Net Framework or .Net Core application, period. You can argue with me until you are blue in the face about other hosting methods or platforms, but you would still be wrong. 

However, utilizing an Azure App Service as your hosting method is not the same as utilizing standard IIS, especially when it comes to optimization. During the session we will deploy a .Net Core MVC application to Azure, determine an initial baseline for performance, and then walk through how to configure various properties and server-side configurations that make that site blazing fast.     


Joine me at Philly.Net Code Camp 2019

More information can be found about the code camp here.