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Kentico CMS 7 RC Released

Today Kentico CMS 7 Release Candidate (RC) was made available to the general public. Again there are a large new set of new features and improvements that come with this newest version. I recommend reading the official Kentico CMS 7 RC blog post, and then diving into the release notes.

I have downloaded the RC, and got it running. It looks very polished at first glance. The first thing that looks very nice is the new e-commerce starter site. This is an option you can now choose right away during the installation process.

Kentico CMS 7 RC - Starter Site

One more thing I can't resist mentioning right now is the new JavaScript Files management capability. I constantly get asked where should JavaScript files get stored in the Kentico CMS framework. Now I don't think I will hear that question as much. It's built right in!

Kentico CMS 7 - JavaScript File Manager

Clicking on a JavaScript File even lets you edit the contents of that file, just like a Cascading Style Sheet.

Kentico CMS 7 - JavaScript File editting

Another thing that really stands out is the new Advanced Workflow capabilities. I plan on covering this more in another post, but I will leave you with this screen shot to show off some of the new possibilities.

Kentico CMS 7 Advanced Workflow

Remember that is all drag and drop-able, no code was required to add those steps. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Kentico has put forth quite an effort here. They have added a multitude of new features, refined the content editor's experience, and even updated the documentation for Kentico CMS to reflect the new changes in 7 already. I think it goes a long way in showing that they really care about the product, and the quality of each of it's releases.

I can't wait to dig further and find out what else Kentico CMS 7 RC has in store. I will do so in future posts. Now that the RC has landed I am even more excited about this year's Kentico Connections conference where the final production version of Kentico CMS 7 will be officially launched.