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Kentico EMS Quick Tip: E-commerce Conversion Names

If you are using Kentico EMS to power your E-commerce shop don't forget to set the On-line Marketing related Conversion Settings. There are three sets of Conversion names and values that come built in. 

  • Registration conversion - name & value of the conversion that will be logged when a user successfully registers on the website through the checkout process.
  • Order conversion - name & value of the conversion that will be logged when a user completes an order.
  • Add to shopping cart conversion - the name & value of the conversion that will be logged when a user adds a product to the shopping cart.

These conversion settings and values are very valuable peices of data to have when measuring the activity and effectiveness of your e-commerce website. Once these values are configured, your Activities log should show them with their repsective values.

I feel that these are great conversions to use as part of building a Contact's score in your Lead Scoring strategy and/or Segmentation strategy. Utilizing them as part of the Kentico EMS activity tracking system will also augment the variety of built in e-commerce focused reports that Kentico EMS comes pre-loaded with. This all adds up to give you a clear view of  what's going on with your customers and your shopping cart.

The trick is knowing where to go to get to them setup. There are actually two different ways to access the settings. The first method is from the E-commerce tab of CMSDesk. The second method is from the CMSSiteManager -> Settings -> E-commerce -> Conversion tracking settings group.


Kentico EMS E-commerce Conversion Names


Pro Tip: You may insert a macro expression into the conversion value fields to dynamically retrieve a value. To dynamicaly set the last two, try using:

       Order Conversion value:

       Add to Shopping cart conversion value:


I am bringing this up as a quick tip because I had a customer ask me how to create a custom conversion for this very type of activity. I told them it would be pretty easy to add them since they were already built in. Let me know (maybe during the next Ask the Experts session) if you think these are valuable conversions to track or not in the comments, or if you have created your own custom conversions for Kentico EMS. I'd love to see how other people are using this part of the platform.