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Kentico Rocks Podcast Episode 11


In another special episode of Kentico Rocks, Bryan Soltis and Brian McKeiver discuss what their trip across the pond was like as they attended this year's European version of the Kentico Connection conference in Prague. In case you did not hear, all four Kentico MVPs made the journey to converge on the capitol city of the Czech Republic. As a group we discuss some of the highlights of the two day event including some of our favorite moments. Kentico even had a special surprise in store for all of the event attendees that was quite a blast. Give this episode a listen to find out exactly what happened. 


In this Episode

Bryan, Jeroen, Ilesh and I talk about the following topics in Episode #11:

  • Introductions for our good friends and colleagues, Ilesh Mistry and Jeroen Furst
  • The amazing venue for Kentico Connection Prague 2014
  • Our opinions of how the conference went overall
  • Highlights from the event sessions and activities

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