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Kentico Rocks Podcast Episode 14


In this special episode of Kentico Rocks, Bryan Soltis and I were able to take advantage of the fact that we were physically in the same room. We were able to easily record an episode on the Kentico Developer Roadshow and some of the most recent updates to the Kentico product roadmap. Listen on to hear what the roadshow is all about, as well as, what you can start to expect from Kentico 9.0.


In this Episode

Brian McKeiver and Bryan Soltis talk about the following topics in episode #14:

  • Kentico Developer Roadshow - Chicago edition
  • Kentico 9 product roadmap
    • The new Continous Integreation (CI) module
    • MVC enhancements
    • Content Staging enhancements
    • Online marketing enhancements
    • Web Farm enhancements

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