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Kentico Rocks Podcast Episode 15


In this episode of Kentico Rocks, Bryan Soltis and I were able to catch up on what is happening in the Kentico development community. We cover a powerful new tool that every Kentico developer should know about, and we discuss the recent Kentico Developer Competition over on DevNet. We also were able to recap some of the Kentico Developer Roadshow events, and highlight some other events that Kentico has sponsored recently. Think of this episode as your one stop shop for what's recently happened in the community.

In this Episode

Brian McKeiver and Bryan Soltis talk about the following topics in episode #15:

  • Kentico's new open source tool KInspector
    • ​Reasons why every Kentico developer should know about this tool
  • The Kentico DevNet September 2015 Competition
    • What the winner is going to receive in October
    • How many Questions and Answers have been submitted
    • Other improvements to DevNet that have recently been added, plus some new incoming features Kentico is adding to DevNet
  • Recent updates to the Kentico Marketplace
    • New contributions by many Kentico developers
  • Events around the USA that Kentico has shown up and sponsored

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