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Proud to be a Kentico Certified Developer

This weekend I finally had time to sit down and focus on taking the Kentico developer certification test. And after 42 minutes of test taking, I passed! Obtaining the Kentico cert was on my list of things to do since back in 2010 when it first came out, but we have been so busy at BizStream that I haven’t had a really good time to do it.



Full disclosure though, I actually did take the test on a whim, right when it came out. I didn’t study or prepare for it at all at first. As you could probably guess my first attempt ended in failure. Ever since then I have wanted to get back to it.

The exam itself is 50 multiple choice questions that you must finish within an hour. It is not an easy test by any means. You need an 80% score and let’s just say I was somewhere underneath that on my first shot.

This time I studied the various practice questions that Kentico has since made available to the developer community. That was a big help. I also ran though most of the CMSDesk and SiteManager screens to make sure to re-familiarize myself with the interfaces. The last thing I did to get ready was to setup a workflow from scratch and move documents through the various steps because more than a few practice questions were focused on workflow.

Passing the test was also an important step for my company, Bizstream, because after October of this year, to keep or attain the Gold Kentico Solutions Provider status, partners will need to have at least one Kentico Certified Developer.

In the end I am pretty happy now to be called a certified Kentico Developer.