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Top 10 Kentico Related Posts of 2015


Kentico Top 10 for 2015Another year has rolled by, and with it comes the chance to reflect on what has happened in the Kentico community and my own blog here at

2015 started out with a bang, with the release of Kentico 8.2 in early January. 8.2 turned out to be one of the best releases of the year. All of our projects at BizStream quickly upgraded to this new version because of the increased performance and stability. I think everyone would agree that 8.2 rocked.

The year continued with all sorts of new activity for Kentico enthusiasts. The Kentico Developer Roadshow ran through 4 cities. We added a few new Kentico MVPs to the mix. Kentico DevNet itself saw a lot of new and interesting updates. And of course the Kentico Connection conference in Melbourne, Orlando, Brno once again proved it is the premiere Kentico event of the year.

Finally 2015's biggest news is that Kentico 9.0 was released this past November. Kentico 9 allows for faster website development through CI, Modulularity improvements, and optimized auto scaling in the cloud. It also gives marketers a way to optimize campaigns for more insight into their results, and has better support for semantic content editing.

2015 was an exciting year for sure. Now on to my best of lists for Kentico Related Posts.


The Best Kentico Posts of 2015

The following posts were created in 2015 and are in order of which received the most traffic.

  1. Ensure Your Kentico EMS Site is Running at Peak Performance
  2. Free Web Part for Kentico - Related Blog Posts by Tag
  3. 11 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kentico Website (and part 2)
  4. Improve Your Kentico Site Search Experience in Only a Matter of Minutes (and parts 2 and 3)
  5. A Helpful Kentico Scheduled Task for Team Development
  6. Kentico 8.2 Quick Tip for Importing Contacts
  7. Help! My Kentico Macro Is Not Working
  8. Free Web Part for Kentico - Better Subscription Form
  9. Kentico CMS Quick Tip - Enhance your Media Library File Metadata
  10. 9 Tips to Help You Master Kentico Lead Scoring


The Best Kentico Rocks Podcast Episodes of 2015 

The following episodes of the Kentico Rocks Podcast were created in 2015 and are in order of which received the most downloads.

  1. Episode 12 - What's New in 2015 for the Kentico Community
  2. Episode 15 - Kentico's powerful new tool: KInspector
  3. Episode 13 - Kentico 8 API Changes and developer conferences galore
  4. Episode 14 - Kentico Developer Roadshow


The Best of the Kentico Community

The following posts are my favorite posts or what I feel are the most informative posts by either Kentico employees, Kentico MVPs, and/or Kentico enthuiasts. They are in no particular order. The list is too hard to get down to 10, so a few extra snuck in.

  1. Bryan SoltisDeploying Kentico to Microsoft Azure – Know your web hosting options
  2. Martin HejtmanekModule Development - Packaging
  3. Andy ThompsonSpeeding up Kentico Websites with Rackspace CDN and Origin Pull
  4. Ilesh MistryOptions available when inserting JavaScript into a Kentico site
  5. Brenden Kehren5 Kentico Best Practices To Follow
  6. Michael KinkaidKentico 9: Continuous Integration
  7. Jeroen FurstPackaged deployment via Kentico Export/Import
  8. Joel DahlinInstalling Kentico CMS in Azure Part 2 : Kentico Install
  9. Laura FreseNew Social Networking Web Part for Kentico CMS
  10. Roman HutnykDocument based workflow approvers
  11. Boris PocatkoE-Commerce Customization Best Practices
  12. Ondrej VasilBest Practices for Implementing Site Navigation in Kentico



Well there you have it. The best Kentico related blog posts of 2015. Hopefully this list helps out any new developers who have just started their journey with Kentico, or rings a bell with long time Kentico developers. I know it did for me. Here's to a great 2016! I can't wait to see what Kentico 9.x brings. Up next for me is completing the upgrade of the to Kentico 9.0.