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#16 - Talking about Content Migration


In this episode of the Kontent Rocks podcast, Brian McKeiver interviews Michael Andrews, Content Strategy Evangelist at Brian and Michael discuss the ever popular topic of content migration. The duo compare how content migration in a digital project is like moving houses in real life. Listen on to see how they turn the analogy into lessons learned and tips and tricks for how to best handle migrated content into a Headless CMS like


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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver and Michael Andrews discuss the following topics below in the Kontent Rocks podcast episode #16:

  • What Michael's day to day looks like at
  • A review of a few articles that Michael has published
  • How moving houses in real life is akin to content migration 
  •'s Content Hub for content modeling best practices

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You can listen to the episode here on this blog post, it is embedded below: