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#18 - Connecting and Figma with the RealContent plugin


In this episode of the Kontent Rocks podcast, Brian McKeiver interviews Cruce Sanders and Alaa Alweish from The trio discuss a new Figma plugin that Schematica is behind. The plugin, named RealContent, acts as a bridge between content and design. It fully integrates's Headless CMS platform into Figma. Listen on to hear how RealContent works, the reason why it began, and check out the live demo.


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In This Episode

Brian, Cruce, and Alaa discuss the following topics below in the Kontent Rocks podcast episode #18:

  • Cruce and Alaa's expertise in content modeling and content intelligence.
  • Why RealContent was developed to begin with and what gaps it fills.
  • Alaa demo's RealContent in action and how it connects content to Figma.
  • The advantages that RealContent gives designers during the design phase.
  • The importance of component based design.
  • How to add the plugin and get started with the tool.

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You can listen to the episode here on this blog post or via common podcasting locations like Spotify. It is embedded below: