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#23 -'s Vision: Beyond Basic AI


In this episode of the Kontent Rocks podcast, Brian McKeiver interviews Martin Michalik, VP of Product at We dive deep into the future of Artificial Intelligence in content management. Our conversation explores the cutting-edge integration of AI into's platform, spotlighting how these advancements are revolutionizing content creation and management. Martin brings unique insights into how AI enhances user experiences, streamlines workflows, and propels innovation in the CMS industry. This discussion is a must-listen for those interested in the evolving dynamics of AI in content management, offering a glimpse into's strategic approach and vision for transcending basic generative AI capabilities.


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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver and Martin Michalik discuss the following topics in Kontent Rocks podcast episode #23:

  • Martin and Brian discuss why they both feel we need more than just generative AI in CMS.
  • Martin discusses's vision for how to support the evolving role of AI in content management.
  • Martin shows how leverages AI in streamlining translation processes.
  • Martin shows how can automatically tag and categorize image assets.
  • Martin wows Brian with the upcoming chat assistant can help customers onboard faster.
  • Martin and Brian discuss the future of AI in CMS.

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