Introducing The Kentico Xperience SQL Utility Scripts Open Source Repo

Over the years of working with Kentico CMS, Kentico EMS, and now Kentico Xperience I have either written, or been a part of team that has written, various TSQL scripts to support the SQL Database side of working with the tool. Most recently I was actually working on a script that was meant to clean up e-commerce order and customer history. That task had some acceptance criteria of keeping some order history for a certain list of customers (those customers with a certain email domain), but removing all the rest (which is a pretty good idea in the world of data privacy and data security when you are copying databases to bring up new environments of a e-commerce website). That last requirement made the task call for a custom script as opposed to a one time TRUNCATE all type of solution. 

As I was doing that, I got to thinking, there have been many times over the years where I have had to do this. Why not find all of these one of utility type of scripts and open source them on GitHub so that other Kentico Xperience developers out there could benefit. And with that, the idea for the Kentico Xperience SQL Utility Script repository was born.

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