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Aug 18

How To Call the Kentico CMS WebService from a JavaScript method

Reader Tip - Cick the Hide Sidebars link at the top right toolbar on this page to give you some more room to read this post on the screen, because it is code heavy. The Kentico CMS WebService is a little known tool when it comes to the functionality of Kentico. It is used in a few Web Parts, the Repeater for web service Web Part comes to mind right away. The WebService’s job is pretty straightforward, it’s main purpose,  as you could probably guess, is to return data from the Ke...

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Aug 02

How to Setup Debugging for Custom Event Handlers in Kentico CMS and Visual Studio 2010

This post applies to using Kentico CMS 5.5+ and Visual Studio 2010. It may seem a bit basic to some veteran Kentico developers, but I had to show a few co-workers the ins and outs of setting up a solution the right way. Once they had it, they were able to debug through a local project that contained both the core Kentico code and the extra sample code for creating a custom event handler. You might have a question on what exactly a CustomEventHandler is for Kentico. Well it is basically an avenue...

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